La Condesa creates unique aristocratic jackets that will make you feel special and confident when you wear them.

La Condesa’s name translates to 'The Countess', and it comes from the variation of the maternal surname of the designer (Conde) as a tribute to her origins, in particular to her mother who taught her how to sew. Our royal emblem makes an attractive reference to glamour and wealth, since we are all seduced by the delusions of grandeur deep down. However, the countesses that inspire us lean more towards champagne and scandals rather than afternoon tea and a good reputation.

We began in 2009, when we designed our first jacket for a rock singer in his début concert. Since then, we have continued to expand and today we sell in multi-brand shops internationally and send dozens of jackets via our online shop to clients all over the world. We value craftsmanship, art and those small ingenious details that make one fall in love with an item of clothing.

We strongly believe in discovering and passing on knowledge from past generations. We are inspired by honesty, sincerity and having a good time. We love fashion.

Marina Conde is the unlikely aristocrat behind La Condesa.

It is believed that her dreams began during her teenage years, when she was awarded a scholarship to study in Wales. It is thought that this intensive British education in the medieval castle of Atlantic College could have been where her creative bipolarity was born.

At university, she combined her Industrial Engineering degree (ICAI School of Engineering) with fashion courses and workshops at the Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda in Madrid (UPM - Polytechnic University of Madrid). After several years of working at a strategic consultancy, she decided to reinvent herself by studying a Master’s Degree in “Strategic Management of Luxury Brands” at the IE Business School in Madrid.

In 2008, she started a blog in which she wrote about the fashion she saw on the streets and it soon became very popular. One day, she used the blog to publish her first design, a military jacket for women. The response was unexpectedly overwhelming and she soon began to receive her first orders for similar jackets.

Despite having left everything behind to follow a dream, Marina continues to personally update her blog todayand still believes in her idea of belonging to a lineage of nobles that fell into decadence. Her sensitive brain may have been left irreversibly damaged but her spirit and energy has never been better.

Long live La Condesa!

If you want to discover the place where the Condesa's dreams come true and you are in Spain come visit our Palazzo Central in Madrid in Castelló 71, 1ºD.